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SMS Messages To Promote The Election Campaign

For political parties nowadays, bulk SMS is a highly effective tool. Every candidate wants public support and their attention. And this can be easily done through the use of bulk SMS for election service.  We, at Easy Sandesh, leading bulk SMS provider in India, provide high-quality SMS Solutions to all kind of customers such as big brands, organizations, entrepreneurs and political parties. Easy Sandesh provides bulk SMS for election service at affordable and competitive rates.  Political parties send various kinds of SMS messages during election times

Examples of such SMS messages

– We are “STRONGER TOGETHER” is our slogan and we mean by that. Cast your Vote for Shri. Rajesh Sharma and elect him as your MLA

– We welcome volunteers to support our election campaign and help people understand to cast their votes to the right candidate. ABC party

– Honorable friends, please ensure to cast your vote which will be held on 12 April 2018. Sri. Rajesh Sharma

Benefits of Bulk SMS for election service

Such services help you to make your election campaign unique and will differentiate yourself from other parties. It will also help you attract more public.

Another advantage of sending SMS is that the cost of messages is significantly less than any other promotional tool.

It can be also useful, as it reaches fast than door to door campaign, which consumes lots of time.

Response rates of SMS are higher than any emails as mobile phones are with everyone nowadays and everyone reads SMS as a first priority. Opening Rates of SMSs are really very high. 98% of SMSs are opened by people in just 5 minutes. Compared to email, it has a very high open rate.

Low Cost and High ROI compared to other platforms such as Newspaper ADS, TV commercial and almost all kind of outdoor advertisement programs. It makes an essential marketing tool for any modern enterprise or any other political party. We at, Easy Sandesh, a provider of bulk SMS for election service, understand the need of our clients and provides them with best cost-effective strategy and tailored made packages.

As it is a modern marketing strategy, it encourages a youngster to support their particular political party

Relevant SMS send by various political parties

Sending important information by political parties to their party members and the general public can be done easily through bulk SMS election services. Information, which is important reaches to the right person at right time. It also makes public up to date about all your meetings, rallies and protest.

Let the people know about party and promises. Any individual person can be approached by individual SMS asking for votes, through the use of bulk SMS for election service

Gathering of a large crowd for meeting and protest and also to make campaign better can be done through Bulk SMS services, which is the fast mode of communication nowadays. Easy Sandesh, the provider of bulk SMS for election service, are always committed to give 100% satisfaction to clients.

Why Chose us?

We, at Easy Sandesh, offers bulk SMS services exclusively for election campaigns. We offer easy to use interface with lots of features such as Unicode messaging ( SMS in different languages), reports and statistics, SMS Scheduling, You can get unique sender ID’s which corresponds to your Political Party or your brand name, Dashboard   consists of many unique features like your recent activity, messages from admin etc

Other features of Easy Sandesh, bulk SMS for election service package includes complete report with Excel where you can download your SMS reports in our panel for detailed analysis and for your records, SMS Scheduling –  Put your messages in Schedule and get Delivered at the time and date you want and SMS, and SMS validity – we provide unlimited validity to our users.


With the help of our Bulk SMS for election service package, you will reach the wider audience, and undoubtedly it will lead to desired results.

Our team will be always there to assist you, in case you face some problems.


You can contact us at +91-7356837331 and can make an inquiry on

SMS Messages To Promote The Election Campaign
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SMS Messages To Promote The Election Campaign
For political parties nowadays, bulk SMS is a highly effective tool. Every candidate wants public support and their attention. And this can be easily done through the use of bulk SMS for election service.
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