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Increase The Traffic On Website Through Newsletter Services - Easy Sandesh

How To Increase The Traffic On Website Through Newsletter Services

Be it a small or big business everyone has established their foot on the internet. With the technology advancing every day, everyone is in the race with updates tools and tactics. In such tough competition, one of the major problems that every venture is facing or may face is not only building relationships with your customer but to also keep it going for long term. Like mentioned earlier everybody is doing everything digitally possible to beat their counterpart. Some of the common things are providing Newsletter services, promotional SMS service, transactional SMS service, bulk SMS service etc.

Every second business that is on the internet may be adopting all of the above or a least some of these measures. But the question is how many of them are able to convert the leads or get back the visitors more than once to click their site. Yes, maintaining and increasing traffic on your website is a big challenge.

Easysandesh, best newsletter, promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Bulk SMS services provider company in India has some tips for you to increase traffic on your site. Running E-mail campaigns, sending bulk SMS, promotional SMS, bulk calls etc are some of the techniques everyone is following. Let us focus on how you can maintain and increase traffic on your website through newsletter service.

1. Build Suspense

while composing your mail or newsletter, keep a small thing in mind that do not provide all information. Yes, you heard it right. You just need to show the glimpse of the picture and not the entire movie. If you do not build suspense and display everything in the content, why would anyone want to visit your site? Be informative but not too much. Give the viewers a chance to click the link to your website to know more about it.

2. Add Enough links

make sure that you have enough links to your content. Link banner image, keywords, website name, other images, everything that you can to your website. This increases the chances of people visiting your site more. There are chances that the person accidentally hits on the link, lands upon your website and looking at the content stays there to get to know more about you. So extra links and image links are always an added advantage.

3. Have A Catchy Title Or Headline

clicking the linking or reaching to the site is secondary. What comes first is even opening your mail or newsletter. You have to be very selective about what is your subject line. Those 50-60 characters are the words, that might interest your target to open the newsletter or ignore it and move to the next. So, remember, the links will be clicked only if it is opened and to make your target open it, you need to build that interest by your catchy subject line.

4. Test Your Campaign

do experiments with your campaigns and try different things. Change images, try changing the format of your content, experiment with banners, do something different and see which one gets the best response. With the course of time, you will understand what your potential customers or target audience is liking and which format is getting more interest and more hits.

5. Be Persuasive But Bot Pressurizing

your newsletters or e-mails are all about you agreed, but it is not just about you. Do not fancy the content with things all about you. Try giving information that your audience may be interested in reading. Do not be too much dominating, that your target gets frustrated and unsubscribe from your emails or put your address in spam.

Running the campaign or getting hundreds of newsletter subscribers is just not enough. The real result comes when the visitors are converted into clients and which in return helps you get more traffic and the cycle continues.

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