Every business with a large customer base uses this tool to engage with the consumers and market the products and services. Bulk SMS is the fastest way for conveying information within groups to several members, just within seconds. Bulk SMS services allow businesses to reach a large customer base within seconds. Easy Sandesh is the best company who provides the Transactional SMS service Through these services, you can send reminders, alerts, updates and other information which is of importance to your customers, on a platform and at a time that is most convenient for them.

Bulk SMS gateway service can be categorized into two major parts:

1. Promotional SMS:

Promotional SMS is sent with the objective of promoting your business product and service. These are basically used in advertisements, Marketing, to target your sale, increase your profit, offers, coupons and etc. Easy Sandesh is one of the best Bulk SMS Service provider company in Gurgaon. We offer the Promotional SMS with DND and without DND.

2. Transactional SMS:

Transactional SMS is also known as the informative SMS. These messages are generally sent for the important information such as order alert, notification and etc. Transactional SMS are delivered 24×7 with no time restriction. These Bulk SMS usually sent to the customers in order to pass on the useful and important information regarding your product or services.

It is a one-stop solution for the companies to share the information with their customers. These SMS is gaining popularity in the field of e-commerce, banking, retail, and all such businesses.

Benefits of the Transactional SMS Service:

1. Fast delivery:

This is one of the biggest benefits of using Transaction SMS service. There occurs no delay in delivery of messages; hence urgent information can be efficiently shared with customers. Thus, it is one of the best methods to choose especially when business is looking for ways to distribute important information to their customers.

2. Alert tools:

It has emerged as an effective tool for passing timely alerts to customers. The companies based all around the world are making use of these services and approaching transactional SMS provider to send regular and timely alerts to customers. Users have to just approach the provider, and within no time alerts are sent out based on expectations of the users.

3. Ability to send SMS 24×7:

Transactional SMS stays operational round the clock. Thus, any business owner or sender need not have to restrict themselves from using transaction SMS service because of day, date or time. The messages can be passed on to the users at any time, and such messages will be delivered to the customers unless their phones are turned off.

High Quality of Transactional SMS Service provider Company in Gurgaon:

Easy Sandesh is Transactional SMS service provider Company. As the highly skilled experts, we definitely understand specific message requirements and offer a range of transactional SMS packages to meet all your exceptional demands and needs. With us, you can easily improve your business growth and profits.

We provide the Quality of service to your business. Transactional SMS is the invaluable element of any marketing strategy. You can easily grow up business with Transactional SMS Service. We offer the variety of Services to the customer at an unbelievable rate such as voice call service, Email marketing service, promotional SMS service and etc.

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Bulk SMS is performing the crucial role in the increase of the company. While there are facts about promotional and activities available in multiple forms, the bulk SMS is proving to be the most effective and economical option. There are a lot of Bulk SMS provider Company offers different types of services. They help in the huge growth of your business, apart from the industry or business type.

Why Choose Bulk SMS Service?

The bulk SMS service providers are focused on sending a large number of SMS in bulk to the targeted audience. They make your work trouble-free in communicating with your targeted sector of the public.

Be it for result and service promotional goals, Send the message to the employees of a huge business or to contact the students of a university or college, this bulk SMS service performs the very important role.

Easy Sandesh is one of the leading Bulk SMS Provider Company in Gurgaon. We work on the low-cost investment and provide the high target audience. SMS Service is an amazing promoting instrument which has improved the method for business for any sort of organizations.

We Offer the two type of Bulk SMS Service in Gurgaon-

1.Promotional SMS

2.Transactional SMS

Here are some reasons how the Bulk SMS Service is the best choice:

1. Save a huge amount of money to make a number of people.

2. It stores the time very, as you can get a group of the public direct to pass on the message.

3. It provides the best messaging solution for all business including stock brokers, airlines, insurance,
e-commerce and more.

4. This bulk SMS service serves to be the best option for Small, medium, and large business.

How to Select The Best Bulk SMS Service Provider?

Easy Sandesh helps you choose the best service provider for your bulk SMS requirements:


Cost performs the crucial role in making the decision about picking the service or not. along with numbers of service providers available across the country and web world, the selection enhances challenging. However, you can select the service by its cost; however, the worth must never be compromised.

2.Hidden costs:

also assuring your budget and quality area, it is also essential to make sure if there are any hidden costs involved. As most of the service providers may not establish these costs, while shown in your last bill, urging you to make the payments. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the hidden costs if any.

3.Minimum purchase requirements:

Although the requirement of bulk SMS is immense for larger businesses, the requirement is similarly low among the small, medium and new businesses. Therefore, inquire before you chose if the service provider would give you minimum purchase of the bulk SMS services.

You can rely on the EasySandesh.com online resources, inquiry across the websites and read the reviews to choose the Best Bulk SMS service provider Company according to your potential and budget. Easy Sandesh is one of the best destinations for businesses also offers the Bulk voice call service, Email marketing service, Transactional SMS services, Promotional SMS Services.

Easy Sandesh Provides the cost-effective Service for our customer at a reasonable price. It is effective and profitable for business. Bulk SMS marketing services enable sending highly customized messages to the selected or wide group of customers, which is personalized too. The bulk SMS helps to reach the customers directly and assures the delivery of messages instantly to the targeted individual.

You are planning to use Bulk SMS service for creating your brand’s image among people and after leading the same for promoting your brand too?

Firstly We should know about the What is Bulk SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a straight way to reach numerous people. Every business owner nowadays tries to find an affordable Bulk SMS company to help their business grow rapidly. Yes! Bulk SMS service has gained such importance that it has become an indispensable requisite for every business organization in the modern world of trade and commerce. And when it comes to the most affordable bulk SMS package in India, the name of Easy Sandesh comes atop everyone else.

With the growing competition in the market, the businesses today need to have a sound interactive relation with their customers. You need to transpire your businesses ideas to the customers and inform them about the latest offers that you are delivering in order to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Though it is true that there are several ways in which you can convey your message but it has been well established that the business messages are the most appealing to the customers. Obviously, you can send Promotional emails or voice-mails to your customers but the conversion rate that the text messages offer is yet to be matched by others. So, finding cheap SMS service has become an utmost necessity among the business enterprises in India.

Easy Sandesh is Best Bulk SMS Company in Gurgaon. The Bulk SMS service has two Elements:

1.Promotional BULK SMS

2.Transnational BULK SMS

Here are a few points that will help you in a reliable way to start your brand building and marketing campaign with Bulk SMS service.

1. It is highly cost-effective.

2. It is absolutely trustworthy with the mobile users.

3. There is no need of the Ad copies.

4. It ensures that there won’t be any delay in the implementation.

5. Measuring of results is pretty simple and can be handled with ease.

Easy Sandesh: The trusted name for sincere business SMS solutions-

There is a throng of Bulk SMS providers in the country to choose the most trustworthy as well as affordable services amongst them is truly an impossible job for the people. There are several companies in the market which Offer quality service but the business SMS rate that they offer are way beyond the affordability of the customers in the current social-economic condition of the country. And the organizations that offer cheap rates for their services happened to have compromised with their bulk SMS service quality. So, the urge to find the trustworthy business SMS solutions Gurgaon still remains unquenched.

But it is not something that should bother you much since we at (Easy Sandesh)are here to Deliver splendid service at the cheapest bulk SMS price. Does it sound too good to be true? But we are not exaggerating it a bit! Our goal has always been to deliver the best to our customers and we have always strived hard in order to make that dream of ours fruitful.

Send SMS at the cheapest bulk SMS rate: Why we are the best choice for you?

Our main motto is to deliver Bulk SMS services of supreme quality and affordability. We have designed our packages in such a way that they become affordable to every entrepreneur irrespective of their business size without making any dirty compromises with the quality. We believe that as a Bulk SMS company, it is our prime duty to do whatever needs to be done to ensure optimum success for our customers.

If you are doing a business In India and want to spread the business all over the world they don’t need to worry. Just contact Easy Sandesh, the Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi. We promote your business by using Bulk SMS Service, Voice Call, Email Marketing etc.
Have you chosen Bulk SMS Service Provider for promoting your brand? So if you don’t know about SMS Service then you are lacking behind those successful businessmen who are using the SMS service techniques to increase thier business in across the world. You can promote your product or services like using Online Marketing platforms, Social media marketing, and Text message services. Text message service has been very useful among the people. It is the best way to boost your business or product.
Let’s know about the top 6 benefits of Bulk SMS:
1) Instant Delivery: It takes only 5 to 10 seconds for delivering your message to the user.
2) High Open Ratio: Opening ration of SMS is too high compared to Email.
3) Higher Conversion Rate: Comparison of Email marketing, it is observed that the conversion ratio of SMS marketing is more.
4) Get a Response Within a Day: The customer is an instant lead to increase your business fastly.
5) Get 100% Delivery Reports: You can get an idea about the delivery report of your message.
6) Unlimited Market Potential: We all know that the user of the mobile phone is increasing day by day, so it is beneficial for your business to grow.

So, Are you worrying for how to choose a reliable bulk SMS service provider and where to get them? So let’s look at some points for your beneficial:

1) Do online research and find out the best service provider in India.
2) Visit the website of each provider and know what all services they offer.
3) Believe in well-known and trusted providers.
4) According to your need, will they provide you the best service or not?
5) Comparison of price among other service provider but easy Sandesh is the Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi.
6) Bulk SMS service is one of the most effective and growing ways to reach your target audience.
Bulk SMS is the best process to communicate with your user. It is the best way to grow your business and doing faster marketing at low cost. Easy Sandesh has wide range plan for SMS packages which you can choose as per your need.

Features of Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi
1) Super fast delivery
2) Live delivery reports
3) Upload files
4) Unicode messaging, send a message in multi-language like SMS in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and much more.
5) Schedule SMS with SMS API
6) Account and Data security with using of two-factor authentication.

Easy Sandesh is a Delhi based company which offers services at affordable rates. So you can take benefit of Bulk SMS marketing in increasing awareness of your brand. We have various services like Voice Call, Transactional SMS, E-mail Marketing, etc. Though uses of this services you can get an instant response from your user. Our services are a great ‘low-cost’ investment to get a higher ROI. Easy Sandesh is one of the Top Most Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi In India.
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Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

  • Bulk SMS stands for Bulk Messaging.
  • Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses.
  • Bulk SMS is used for sending SMS (short message service) to mobile no.
  • Bulk SMS is used as a promotional SMS for SMS marketing.

Now a day, in India due to mobile revolution Bulk SMS Marketing has become a popular and swift way to spread the promotional messages among the customers and the potential customer market. This is the reason why bulk SMS service provider in India are increasing.

Due to its tremendous Benefits, Bulk SMS Services has become a higher promotional technique for the business venture”. It is an expedient mode to advertise the product or services through SMS messages, which requires the least investment and gives maximum yield to the business enterprises whether they are small, medium or large-scale enterprises.

Internet and mobile Network are the giant mediums of communication today. A huge number of people take advantage of these facilities to send and receive information to or from their friend and relatives. Sending mail, chat on different channels, making a phone call and sending text message are some of the popular ways to get in touch with one another. These means of communication are widely used in the business or professional world also so That’s why EasySandesh.com gives you Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.

Easy Sandesh Provides Various Services For Our Customer To Remove Their Workload. Our Services are a great ‘Low-Cost’ investment to get a higher ROI.

Easy Sandesh is a Bulk SMS organization catering to the various needs of numerous corporations via presenting various Bulk SMS offerings. We Provide the Best Benefits of the Bulk SMS Service For Our Customer at an Affordable Price.

Easy Sandesh is a special deal in offering services such as bulk SMS. It gives a mouth opportunity for our clients to obtain the maximum short-term benefits. We are the Bulk SMS Service provider in India. Our Bulk SMS Service In India understands the environment in a private business and the area in which it is executed.

What is BULK SMS?

1. Bulk SMS stands for Bulk Messaging.
2. Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses.
3. Bulk SMS is used for sending SMS (short message service) to mobile no.
4. Bulk SMS is used as a promotional SMS for SMS marketing.

One of the most popular and highly successful marketing tools is the Bulk SMS Service in India. It is a simple tool that helps you to reach a large number of mobile users across Jaipur. Easy Sandesh Gives you the Best Promotional SMS service.

Why Bulk SMS considered Important?

1) Save you up to 80% of your telecommunication costs.
2) If you use SMS to communicate with your staff and customers instead of calling them on their cell phones, you can save thousands every month!
3) Provide you and your customers a two-way communication channel.
4) Save your money on unnecessary phone calls.

Grow your Business Online with our Bulk SMS Marketing Services. There are motives behind using Bulk SMS Advertising and Marketing because it offers many advantages:

1. Less costly: This form of advertising is less costly and smooth. It’s far the most reliable shape of marketing. It’s miles cost-effective within the sense that it is a low-cost shape of advertising as it is the simplest way to keep in touch with one or heaps of humans.

2. Single click on the solution: Bulk SMS marketing is the sort of message. This saves a lot of time, money and strength of the business enterprise because the message is dispatched to the gigantic audience in just a single click on.

3. More effective: some other most critical characteristic of bulk SMS advertising is that it’s far the most effective form of advertising and marketing.

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Nowadays everyone having a business portal and always want that build a good audience and make a good reputation in the online marketplace. Across the world, there are lots of messages are sent. Some messages are for the conversation with your near ones or some companies are promoting their business through SMS. For both purposes, you require a Best Bulk Sms Service Provider in India for providing you the best services of SMS.

So everyone is thinking that how to get more leads on their business, how to make your product famous across the world, how to spread messages to your customers? Then easy Sandesh is here to help you out for spread your wings everywhere. Easy Sandesh, Bulk Sms Service Provider in India provides more reliable, cost-effective, and quality services to their customers. There are lots of mobile marketing techniques like SMS alert, Bulk SMS software providers and so on. The functions of all are similar. Broadcasting your SMS in an easy way for your targeted customers.

According to the latest survey, 90% of people are using mobile marketing for talk purpose or for about doing promotion of your products. Bulk messaging is a process of sending a message from application to person. Basically, it refers to sending a large number of SMS messages to the mobile phones to a determined group of recipients. This kind of bulk messaging provider like Easy Sandesh effective reaches out to effective clients also enables a manner to reach the capacity market in a powerful manner. Easy Sandesh, Bulk Sms Service Provider in India gives you all benefit of SMS transactions. It is the latest and simplest way to expand your business in the span of time.

Bulk Sms Service Provider in India EASY SANDESH

So let’s discuss how Bulk SMS services help us to grow our business:

Using technology is increasing day by day. It is changing the face of marketing every day with new and innovative ideas to reach out to the consumers. New means of communication have made it easier to reach and connect with potential customers. In a worldwide where mobile phones are useful for everyone or saying that everyone wants to use mobile phones. For this, Easy Sandesh, Bulk Sms Service Provider in India are proving to be an effective and cheap means of doing promotion, especially for small and upcoming businesses.

Bulk SMS refers to the facility of sending a large number of messages to mobile phones. Mostly using bulk SMS is done by the media, banks, retailers etc for advertising their products or for providing some information about their brands. This facility greatly benefits small businesses as the cost of advertisement is reduced due to cheap bulk SMS services in India.

The process of bulk SMS allows a company to reach out to thousands of customers easily. There are several benefits of using bulk SMS services in your business’s promotion

1) They are more effective than email because people mostly read SMS then Email.
2) It provides constant access to mobile phones by everyone.
3) SMS service is cheaper and cost-effective as compared to other means of advertisement like T.V, newspapers etc.
4) One can constantly stay in touch with the customers
5) Provide people with relevant information about any special offers and events.

Easy Sandesh believes to work on innovative and modern ideas. Easy Sandesh is one of the
Best Bulk Sms Service Provider in India. We provide the services to our clients at cheap and affordable rates. We provide the features of Bulk SMS in Unicode messaging, which is used to send SMS in different local languages.

Furthermore Information, you can contact us whenever you want. Our all customer executive is a very pleasant attitude towards our clients.

You can choose from the variety of service. As we are the best SMS service, provider.