Did you know that Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most important methods of communication in the 21st century?

Messaging is a reliable way to connect either to individuals or to the targeted audience in bulk. Bulk SMS marketing is a very cost-effective method, you can start sending SMS at an affordable price and you can reduce your marketing budget. Bulk SMS is a convenient way of spreading your business.

There are a lot of companies enterprises, marketers, government and financial institutions, among others, use this method to reach out to their audience.

A large number of SMS Companies are using Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS services because this is more beneficial to your Business.

If you are using the Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS Service So you don’t need a huge marketing team because you can send unlimited SMS in a just single click. You can schedule your bulk SMS, so you don’t need to spend the whole day on marketing. Bulk SMS Service became one of the most popular kinds of mobile marketing, as it is the quickest, technically easy and not very expensive way to deliver information.

Easy Sandesh is one of the leading Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in Delhi that provides Powerful marketing tools to generate business leads. Our bulk SMS services are Reasonable, making us the most preferred marketing company in India. We are known for their quality services.

Primarily, SMS are categorized into two main elements-

1.Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS messages are used to send updates after a transaction, such as a bank or credit card charges, feedback, order confirmation, and delivery updates. We are the Best Transactional SMS service provider Company who gives the best service to the customer at an affordable price. This SMS Service is very helpful to the customer.

Features of the Transactional SMS service-

1. Six character sender id
2. 24×7 delivery
3. Quick reports
4. Schedule SMS for future
5. Instant delivery
6. Delivered only to Registered Users.
7. Immediate Feedback.
8. Frequently & Easy to Use.
9. It is secured

There are many industries who use the Transactional SMS Service for the business purpose such as-

Registered Companies, Credit Card Companies, Registered Banks &, Financial Institution, Insurance Company, Registered Educational Institutions (For sending information to students), Airlines & Railway Stock Market Alerts, E-Commerce website owners sending a response to their customers when transactions are made.

2.Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used for SMS advertising like offers, discounts, product announcements, lead generation, etc. Promotional SMS – a marketing plan developed for a business for promoting “product” or “service”. Promotional SMS Service is one of the best ways to promote your business. It is a special tool to promote your business.

Benefits of the Promotional SMS Service-

1.It is fast & efficient Service
2.Useful for the promotional activities.
3.SMS is one of the immediate channels available.
4.Generate word of mouth
5.Fast and Effective
6.Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns
7.Time management

Features of Promotional SMS Service Provider Company-

1) Sender ID not allowed.
2) Instant Activation
3) Time limit 9 AM to 9 PM only.
4) Send marketing SMS as offers, product promotions.
5) Time limit 9 AM to 9 PM only.
6) SMS Will not be delivered on DND numbers.
7) No documents required

Easy Sandesh is one the immeasurable Transactional and Promotional SMS service provider Company in Gurgaon. Our Bulk SMS service is a one of the best organization that takes care of all bulk messaging needs of an enterprise.

The Bulk SMS Provider Company will be very helpful in achieving the target. Get Transactional SMS service from EasySandesh to deliver a message to all network mobile number, Instant Delivery and 24*7 service timing.

Easy Sandesh offering Various Services to our client like Bulk SMS Services, voice call Service, Bulk Email services. Our SMS gateway reaches across to over million mobile network operators worldwide. We help to make promotions process an easy task and responsive too. For more info Call us at  073568 37331

As we all know, we all are living in the digital world. Everybody is connected to each other through mobile or internet. If you are a businessman or a politician, everybody wants to convey our message to the public or specific group of people in easy and shortest time. Mobile phones and the internet are ruling our digital world, so mobile-focused marketing has become an easiest and effective way of marketing. The Bulk SMS service for election campaigns in India is the best way to convey our message in the shortest time to the targeted people

Nowadays, Political parties have shifted their strategies for election campaigns & political strategies from traditional plate form to the online platform. In this competitive world managing the election campaign through the emails, phone calls, commercial ads on television and newspaper etc are very expensive. In today’s highly competitive elections, political parties and candidate are always trying to find out new ways that will help them reach out to the maximum number of people at the earliest.

The political parties and candidate using bulk SMS for election campaign helps to reach or promoting your voters directly through SMS. You can keep your volunteers and voters updated about all new events. The bulk SMS service helps the political party’s to send reminders and updates, alerts for elections, election campaign tips, alerts in case of change of election dates, candidate info, voting awareness alerts etc. to your target audience and keep them updated.

Easy Sandesh is a leading bulk SMS service provider in Gurgaon, India. We provide best bulk SMS service for elections campaign. We offer the best in class Delivery Interface, real-time Reports which includes options like, share images, Web URLs, Quick and easy to use Setup, 24X7 Customer Support, no time limit and many more. We help to choose the right time to deliver information and updates that suits your election campaigns.

Easy Sandesh offers bulk SMS service to political parties for election campaigns that help the candidate to reach the voters directly via SMS for Vote Appeal in the shortest time. It is cost effective and effortless way to promote their candidate and their party among the voters. The concept of bulk SMS has gained maximum popularity for its simple, reliable and speedy way. Bulk SMS Marketing plays an important role due to its incredible and reliable process. It is an authentic process as compared to emails, call etc. It makes a direct connection to the people rather than another strategy.

This small portion of information, delivered to your mobile phone, has 98% open rate within 3 minutes. No other marketing medium can offer such speedy and efficiency rate. The cost of bulk SMS service is low as compare to another medium of marketing. By this way, political parties and candidate can save their money and time and put it into other areas. Another benefit of using bulk SMS option as the marketing tool is that it is extremely budget friendly and cost effective as compared to calls and commercial ads. We provide an organized way of service that can help you enjoy the finest of bulk SMS benefits. With help of advanced and dedicated technology, you can have your message delivered to thousands of people at one click.

Our all customer executive is a very pleasant attitude towards our clients.
Furthermore Information, you can contact us whenever you want.

Visit: www.easysandesh.com
Email: easysandesh@gmail.com
Mobile No. 07356837331, 08770883866

Nowadays everyone who has a business portal that always wanted a good ROI(Return On Investment) in return. Because every marketer knows that if they want to become more productive then they should keep up to date with the new changes and updates that help them to make a good reputation in the online marketplace. If we talk about some internet services then Bulk Sms Service is one of the most proficient approaches that give you a good productivity in return. So I probably suggest you that you should hire some Bulk Sms Service Provider In India that essentially help you to drive more visitor towards your business.

As you know that Everyday we get familiar with the new strategic techniques and services that simultaneously help you to grow more efficiently in the marketplace. It’s totally up to you that what kind of service you adopt for your business progress.

Now let’s talk about the advantageous approaches that help you to expand your business and progressively increase your production.

1) Bulk Sms Service allows you to engage more visitors towards your business field.

2) Help you to make a direct approachable connection with your consumers so that you can notify your consumer in an easy manner way.

3) If you want to send a service message to your all consumer individually then you can easily categorize every single message according to your goal set.

4) Essentially it is counted as a cost-effective approach because you just pay some small amount of money for hiring a bulk SMS service provider company.

5) Bulk SMS service having a great HOR(High Open Rate) because approximately every SMS that you send is opened up less than in 5 to 10 minutes.

6) This is totally a straightforward approach because for sending a message via a phone it’s not a big deal but if talk about bulk SMS then it can’t possible to send multiple messages via phone. So you should hire some finest Bulk Sms Service Provider In India that run your business campaign more efficiently.

7) The easy way to engage more people towards your business because nowadays every one using smartphones and they all are one fingertip away from this service.
8) In a new addition, we also provide a UCM(Uni-Code Messaging) service that secures your every single message and keeps them safe so that any third party person does not have a single right to access their data or see the other most valuable information.

Now I think it’s sufficient that how a bulk SMS service approach helps you to grow more efficiently in the online marketplace. So always adopt those approaches that help you to build up a good reputation and give you a profitable return. Forgetting a Good service I will suggest to you, You must go with the easy Sandesh.

Easy Sandesh is one of the Best Bulk Sms Service Provider In India that provides you a cutting-edge solution. At easy Sandesh, We are our clients so that every consumer is much more important for us.

Furthermore information you can contact us.

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Are you searching for Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi then Easy Sandesh is the best website where you can get Bulk SMS services at affordable price.

Internet and mobile network are the large tools of communication today. A huge number of people take advantage of these facilities to send and receive information to or from their friend and relatives. Sending mail, chat on different channels, making a phone call and sending text message are some of the popular ways to get in touch with one another.

A perfect marketing strategy helps in getting great results for your company and gets you more customers. We provide effective marketing strategies by using amazing technology. Bulk SMS is very useful for our business and many businesses use SMS as an advertising tool.

The SMS tool is very quick and effective. You will be able to send messages to as many as 10000 mobile users at a time. You will also be able to send as many messages in a day as per your requirement. The Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi ensures that your messages are delivered to the users of both CDMA and GSM technologies. These unique features help in boosting up your marketing campaign.

We offer services that in shape the needs of businesses of all sizes. We offer Two type of SMS service, First is Promotional SMS Service and second is Transactional SMS service. Promotional SMS is sent with the objective of marketing your product or service and Transactional SMS in Delhi is extensively used for promotion, marketing, and other business purposes.

Bulk SMS service is designed to be useful in producing leads and converting them into clients.

Why Choose Easy Sandesh?

1. Best Tool to increase your sales & Generate Reports sales
2. Reach Instantly to target audience & highly Personalized
3. Very Cheap, faster and Prompt Results
4. Significantly Low cost
5. Easy to create message campaign
6. 24x7x365 Technical Support
7. 100% Secure Hosting

Boosting your Business with Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS is the fastest way to convey your message and advertisement to millions of people without spending a huge amount. Grow your business quickly and without any hassles. You get instant delivery and cheap pricing.

Some Point to increase your business-

1) Engaging with Target audience
2) Cost-effective and time-saving
3) Simplicity in implementing and overall communication

It gives a mouth opportunity for our clients to obtain the maximum short-term benefits. Our Bulk SMS Service understands the environment in a private business and the area in which it is executed. It can adapt and understand the nature and fulfill the requirements of clients.

Our Company assists customers to promote products with a unique method. We also play with a great concept, that is, the B2C relationship. We recognize how to supply a good program for them belong to a region or state of India.

We are really confident in Bulk SMS Service Provider. It is cheaper to help a particular company. It is mainly used for business purposes. Businessmen can make direct marketing via bulk SMS and email service. It is beneficial for commercial consumers’ universities and private institutions, the provider of job boards and more. We provide quality Bulk SMS reseller Service in Delhi at a low rate for Bulk SMS. Our company offers more dependable communication and information accessible via the email service in bulk at lower costs.

Easy Sandesh Provides Various Services For Our Customer To Remove Their Workload. Our Services are a great ‘Low-Cost’ investment to get a higher ROI.

If You Want Bulk SMS Service and at Best Price then you can call EasySandesh for the same. Easysandesh is Best Bulk SMS Service Provider Company which provides the Bulk SMS Service in Delhi at reasonable and effective Price. Bulk SMS service is a very effective service as the opening rate of an SMS is an 80% out of hundred. So we can use this service to promote our business or service too many audiences.

Furthermore Information-
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If you are doing a business In India and want to spread the business all over the world they don’t need to worry. Just contact Easy Sandesh, the Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi. We promote your business by using Bulk SMS Service, Voice Call, Email Marketing etc.
Have you chosen Bulk SMS Service Provider for promoting your brand? So if you don’t know about SMS Service then you are lacking behind those successful businessmen who are using the SMS service techniques to increase thier business in across the world. You can promote your product or services like using Online Marketing platforms, Social media marketing, and Text message services. Text message service has been very useful among the people. It is the best way to boost your business or product.
Let’s know about the top 6 benefits of Bulk SMS:
1) Instant Delivery: It takes only 5 to 10 seconds for delivering your message to the user.
2) High Open Ratio: Opening ration of SMS is too high compared to Email.
3) Higher Conversion Rate: Comparison of Email marketing, it is observed that the conversion ratio of SMS marketing is more.
4) Get a Response Within a Day: The customer is an instant lead to increase your business fastly.
5) Get 100% Delivery Reports: You can get an idea about the delivery report of your message.
6) Unlimited Market Potential: We all know that the user of the mobile phone is increasing day by day, so it is beneficial for your business to grow.

So, Are you worrying for how to choose a reliable bulk SMS service provider and where to get them? So let’s look at some points for your beneficial:

1) Do online research and find out the best service provider in India.
2) Visit the website of each provider and know what all services they offer.
3) Believe in well-known and trusted providers.
4) According to your need, will they provide you the best service or not?
5) Comparison of price among other service provider but easy Sandesh is the Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi.
6) Bulk SMS service is one of the most effective and growing ways to reach your target audience.
Bulk SMS is the best process to communicate with your user. It is the best way to grow your business and doing faster marketing at low cost. Easy Sandesh has wide range plan for SMS packages which you can choose as per your need.

Features of Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi
1) Super fast delivery
2) Live delivery reports
3) Upload files
4) Unicode messaging, send a message in multi-language like SMS in Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi and much more.
5) Schedule SMS with SMS API
6) Account and Data security with using of two-factor authentication.

Easy Sandesh is a Delhi based company which offers services at affordable rates. So you can take benefit of Bulk SMS marketing in increasing awareness of your brand. We have various services like Voice Call, Transactional SMS, E-mail Marketing, etc. Though uses of this services you can get an instant response from your user. Our services are a great ‘low-cost’ investment to get a higher ROI. Easy Sandesh is one of the Top Most Bulk SMS Service Provider In Delhi In India.
Furthermore Information-
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ssCall Us- 7356837331

How Is Election Campaign more effective?

Election Campaign!! means all the political parties of particular countries start planning for different marketing strategies to educate and inform the public about their work and social activities towards their country. They will be required a different kind of resources to do successful promotions and to capture maximum people. The expenditure on advertising, the budget is very huge during election campaign time.

Bulk SMS & Voice Call Services are incredibly reliable and powerful communication tool. It is the effective way to talks during election campaigns. For promoting your Election Campaign, Easy Sandesh is the best choice.

Easy Sandesh provides the Bulk SMS & Voice SMS Service. We deliver your message to millions of peoples. So, political parties additionally choose this service to coach people about their campaign & candidates. Sender or Callers send their message to people for choice on the day. It’s the most effective way to tell who is candidate & what he stands for.

More voters are currently being contacted by Voice Broadcasting excess of the other. This can be as a result of its fast, efficient way to deliver your message to thousands of targeted audience. It’s important to stay in the mind of people throughout the season of the election. What can be a much better choice then you’re reaching everybody together with your message which too in such a value effective approach.

Why is Bulk SMS & Voice Call Service excellent choice for the Election Campaigns?

Bulk SMS & Voice Call Service broadcasting service could be a better option for your election campaigns. Take a look at some benefits of this service.

1. Direct medium for communication
2. SMS sends on to the inbox of all contacts
3. SMS could be a price effective medium
4. Perfect medium to extend your party presence to your audience
5. Text messages area unit short and laconic (to the point)
6. Great way to induce feedback and suggestions from your voters
7. User-friendly that delivers message instantly & accurately
8. Personalize your message & add a private bit
9. Easy to use and easy watching
10. Good choice to increase audience reaches
11. Send custom messages to every user
12. A better understanding of the individual’s interest

The main goal for any of the political party and the election campaign is to attract a number of people and to get the high range of votes. Name in front of the people is mandatory for gaining the attention of the people.

What voice Call Service offers you?

Easy Sandesh, a leading Bulk SMS & Voice Call Service provider in India. Send message everywhere in India to all mobile networks with 24*7 service timings.

Voice SMS help you to enhance your business. You can share our information to customer/ clients or with your friends and any other group. Email marketing & online promotions And advertising are the most beneficial means to expand any business worldwide.

A voice broadcasting service carries below-mentioned options that build broadcasting very easy:

1) Real-time tracking
2) User-friendly interface
3) Easy to manage & no have to be compelled to have technical data
4) Web-based elaborate campaign reports
5) Import of contacts in seconds
6) Email & SMS notification.

Bulk SMS Marketing is one of the most up-to-date shapes that is employed by way of the corporations to develop their services and products. Bulk SMS has gained the potential of SMS via enforcing the potential to spread more than one SMS effortlessly. Bulk Marketing is one of the best ways to get the best result for the election campaign. It is very cost-effectively and Best option to promote the business.

Bulk SMS and Voice Call Services are the best marketing tool which has mutated the way of business for any kind of businesses. The Bulk voice call is a communication technology which helps you to take recorded voice messages. Easy Sandesh provides the best bulk voice calls that are most often used for the community for business and promotional purposes.

Furthermore Information-
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Sometimes writing a newsletter can look like a thankless task. You know you’re supposed to do it every week or every month, but it’s hard to come up with new ideas, and it’s hard to know if your audience appreciates your hard work. After all, you’re a busy person with all sorts of other responsibilities and commitments vying for your attention. So you need a Best Newsletter Services Provider Company who can promote your business by sending them to others in the form of Newsletter.

So let’s know about this in a perfect way-
A newsletter is a daily distributed publication which generally explains about a topic in which people take interest to read them. The Newspaper is also the form of newsletters. But in the newspaper, description is written on the piece of paper while newsletter uses the email process because it gained a rapid reaction and larger response. So, email gets a lot of popularity more than the newspaper.

Newsletters can describe the people of your services or products, the all about products, their description, and their benefits. There are many publishers who provide Newsletter Services but the most popular is Easy Sandesh in India. They provide the relevant information to their members, customers or employees.

Some newsletters are created for money-making process and directly sold to their subscribers. Sending newsletters to customers and building a good marketing strategy is their first choice, which can have both benefits and drawbacks. General description of newsletters includes some information about news and upcoming events of the related organization, or about your products or services, as well as contact information for contacting your customers to you easily.

So let’s discuss what are the strategies for successful newsletter marketing which we are providing:
Develop Reserve Content –

Write a few descriptions about your topic and send it to the users at any time in the month, when there is not enough content fill to the newsletter.
Read Competitors Newsletters –
Search and read the newsletters of competitors to see what kinds of products they are offering and at what price, and how can this is useful for your business promotion.
Develop relationships with other companies that are of our field and interesting for customers also.

Use content from sources like blogs and company publications in the newsletter.

Benefits of Newsletter Services :

  • Low Costs:
  • One of the major advantages for choosing this is it requires a lower cost comparing to other marketing channels. There are no print cost required or no fees paid for promotion. Using software we can also track the information like how many users have opened it and read it, etc.

  • Reach Target audience:
  • It is only a channel who customers want to receive and read the collective information about your Idea. It provides the high conversion rates for the business person because we only target that people who have an interest in their brands.

  • Easy to get started:
  • For Newsletter Services, don’t require a huge team for success. Just required an email campaign with fancy templates, images, videos, and logos.

    Newsletter Services is a type of E-mail Marketing. Easy Sandesh is a leading Best Newsletter Services Provider Company In India, with the best result in the market. Get the Bulk newsletter service and spread your brand awareness. Apart from this we also provide the services of Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice Calls and so on.

    For Furthermore information,

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    Visit our site: www.easysandesh.com

    Bulk Email Marketing Services

    • Low costs
    • Easy to measure
    • Instant impact
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • First Class Email Delivery

    If you thought that emails are obsolete and no longer effective as a marketing medium, you are wrong. There is no better way of promoting your new and existing services than email marketing. Marketing experts have been saying for years that money is in the list, and this is true even today. A well-built list of Email Marketing is a powerful tool and can help you contact users directly and give benefits of email marketing.

    Bulk Email Marketing is one of the best ways to spread your business and increase traffic to your website. We will help you start your email marketing and we will set up all the tools that you will need to send bulk emails to your list. Our email marketing experts will also create multiple templates for the different kind of services you can advertise.

    Easy Sandesh provides efficient Bulk Email Marketing Services in Gurgaon. The Email tool is widely popular because of its capacity to deliver instant messages to thousands of mobile users across India.

    E-mail Marketing helps you to enhance your business. You can share our information to customer/ clients or with your friends and any other group. Email marketing & online promotions And advertising are the most beneficial means to expand any business worldwide.

    Various Benefits of using Email Marketing-

    1. Low costs
    2. Reach an already engaged audience
    3. Deliver targeted messages
    4. Drive revenue
    5. Easy to get started
    6. Easy to measure
    7. Easy to share
    8. Reach a global audience
    9. Instant impact
    10. Unrivaled return on investment

    Among Bulk Email Marketing Service and Newsletter service, Email Marketing the best way to spread your content to the customer and get in touch with them with high conversion rates.

    Sending Email to the customer can be a great idea to get in touch with them and to track the result as well, it includes various features that can be avail at the time of creating a campaign.

    Bulk Email Marketing Services provides the many features like –

    1) Newsletter- The easiest way to reach out to your followers is through Email and update them about new, periodically.

    2) Contact Profiles- Know your contacts. Collect and maintain detailed contact profiles.

    3) Beautiful Email Template- The most important Feature of your campaign is the email that your customers receive.

    4) 24/7 Email Support- Get the benefit of Email Support 24/7 for better execution and to be trouble free.

    5) A/X Split Testing- This Testing Feature is Very Helpful for Customer. Our support team is always at your service, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and 365 days/year. Contact us easysandesh.com, if Any Query!

    6) Email Client & Spam Testing- Before sending mail you can preview your Email across the mail clients and get the spam analysis report before sending any campaign.

    7) Manage Contacts- Upload, grow and relax! This Feature Manage to your Contact With our Profile tools, you can be sure to have all the details of your email marketing efforts handled.

    8) First Class Email Delivery- First Class Email are Most Popular And Reaching the inbox is our mutual end goal. Take comfort in knowing you have a team of specialists that share this goal with you.

    9) Private IPs- Take control of your delivery. We offer Private IPs for just $1.2 per day.

    10) Detailed Activity Report- Get the detailed report of all the campaign you had to send to the clients and you can track the results also through activity report.

    E-mail Marketing is a type of internet marketing. Easy Sandesh is a leading Bulk Email Marketing Service Provider In India, with the best result in the market. Get the Bulk Email service and spread your brand awareness that gets the bulk Email Marketing Service and Bulk SMS Service for Promotional and spread your Business

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    Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

    • Bulk SMS stands for Bulk Messaging.
    • Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses.
    • Bulk SMS is used for sending SMS (short message service) to mobile no.
    • Bulk SMS is used as a promotional SMS for SMS marketing.

    Now a day, in India due to mobile revolution Bulk SMS Marketing has become a popular and swift way to spread the promotional messages among the customers and the potential customer market. This is the reason why bulk SMS service provider in India are increasing.

    Due to its tremendous Benefits, Bulk SMS Services has become a higher promotional technique for the business venture”. It is an expedient mode to advertise the product or services through SMS messages, which requires the least investment and gives maximum yield to the business enterprises whether they are small, medium or large-scale enterprises.

    Internet and mobile Network are the giant mediums of communication today. A huge number of people take advantage of these facilities to send and receive information to or from their friend and relatives. Sending mail, chat on different channels, making a phone call and sending text message are some of the popular ways to get in touch with one another. These means of communication are widely used in the business or professional world also so That’s why EasySandesh.com gives you Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India.

    Easy Sandesh Provides Various Services For Our Customer To Remove Their Workload. Our Services are a great ‘Low-Cost’ investment to get a higher ROI.

    Easy Sandesh is a Bulk SMS organization catering to the various needs of numerous corporations via presenting various Bulk SMS offerings. We Provide the Best Benefits of the Bulk SMS Service For Our Customer at an Affordable Price.

    Easy Sandesh is a special deal in offering services such as bulk SMS. It gives a mouth opportunity for our clients to obtain the maximum short-term benefits. We are the Bulk SMS Service provider in India. Our Bulk SMS Service In India understands the environment in a private business and the area in which it is executed.

    What is BULK SMS?

    1. Bulk SMS stands for Bulk Messaging.
    2. Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses.
    3. Bulk SMS is used for sending SMS (short message service) to mobile no.
    4. Bulk SMS is used as a promotional SMS for SMS marketing.

    One of the most popular and highly successful marketing tools is the Bulk SMS Service in India. It is a simple tool that helps you to reach a large number of mobile users across Jaipur. Easy Sandesh Gives you the Best Promotional SMS service.

    Why Bulk SMS considered Important?

    1) Save you up to 80% of your telecommunication costs.
    2) If you use SMS to communicate with your staff and customers instead of calling them on their cell phones, you can save thousands every month!
    3) Provide you and your customers a two-way communication channel.
    4) Save your money on unnecessary phone calls.

    Grow your Business Online with our Bulk SMS Marketing Services. There are motives behind using Bulk SMS Advertising and Marketing because it offers many advantages:

    1. Less costly: This form of advertising is less costly and smooth. It’s far the most reliable shape of marketing. It’s miles cost-effective within the sense that it is a low-cost shape of advertising as it is the simplest way to keep in touch with one or heaps of humans.

    2. Single click on the solution: Bulk SMS marketing is the sort of message. This saves a lot of time, money and strength of the business enterprise because the message is dispatched to the gigantic audience in just a single click on.

    3. More effective: some other most critical characteristic of bulk SMS advertising is that it’s far the most effective form of advertising and marketing.

    Furthermore Information-
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    Transactional SMS Service Provider Company

    • Instant Deliverability
    • Flexible platform
    • High Open Rate
    • Reliable

    The transactional SMS has become famous in every sector of the business world. Of course, everyone needs to know about this SMS service before utilizing this. Take support from Easy Sandesh, Transactional SMS Service Provider Company in India.

    Here are all the essential things that you should know about transactional SMS and how transactional SMS service provider Company are using this service.

    What is it?

    It is also called as Short Messaging Service which has the additional features like who is sending(it provide SENDER ID), 24*7*365 days of delivery. It is the process of sending informative content to all the mobile numbers like updates about business, providing information to members, bank alerts, payment reminders, ticket booking updates and so on. According to the rule and regulation of TRAI, these messages can also be sent to the DND activated numbers.

    How is it different from promotional SMS?

    The feature of promotional SMS is all about sending the description of product or services to other users ut coming to the point of transactional SMS, it is used for the providing personal information about your credit card, payments dues, banks, about bills etc.

    How is it useful?

    Banks and insurance companies use this service to send a lot of information to their customers. They provide the information regarding their credit cards bills, transactions, and pay dues.
    Similarly, public transport systems such as airlines, railways, bus, tour agencies use this message routes to inform the passengers about the reservations, ticket confirmation, and schedule of the journey. This helps the passengers to save thier time.

    It is also beneficial for the educational system. The institutes and colleges use this service to send a variety of information to the students and thier parents. Students get information about thier exams and results. From this parents gets proper information about thier children’s progress.

    Large companies for in-house information also use Transactional SMS Service. In addition, the company can send critical information to their suppliers. Clients, and other stakeholders within seconds. From this, it is clear that each sector has gained something from this message service.

    How can transactional SMS be sent?

    It requires several steps in order to send the informative content.
    First, you need to contact a company, Transactional SMS Service Provider company- Easy Sandesh. Then select the most suitable package for your organization. After contacting you can get the benefits of the services.

    Let’s know about the Benefits of SMS Marketing

    1) Instant Deliverability: the average time for all mobile carrier is less than 7 seconds from sent to receive.
    2) Flexible platform: either message has to be sent to one or in a group a great SMS marketing service makes it easier.
    3) High Open Rate: SMS has a high open rate. According to my view, almost every SMS sent is opened.
    4) Reliable: SMS is more of a direct connection to your customer base than any other marketing strategy.

    Easy Sandesh, the Transactional SMS Service Provider Company giving you services at an affordable cost. Apart from this, we also provide the services of E-mail Marketing, Voice Calls, etc. For more detail, you can contact Easy Sandesh all time. We provide 24*7 hr services.

    Furthermore Information-

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