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How bulk SMS can Improve Your Business

Bulk SMS is being used as one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. It is a low-cost solution for all your business needs whether you are a small business or big business.

Some of the top bulk SMS benefits for your business.

  1. High Open Rate

If we compare bulk SMS to any other online marketing platforms such as E-Mail Marketing. We will find that is has a very high open rate.  Almost every SMS, after being sent is opened by a customer within 10 minutes.

Whereas in the case E-Mail, the only fraction of email gets opened. With customer ignoring most of the e-mails he receives and even some emails get labeled as spam, not reach inbox at all.

  1. High Conversion Rate

It has the highest conversion compared to any other digital marketing platform. Though lots of messaging app are available in the market, people still prefer SMS to  any other mode of communication

  1. Inexpensive

It is very cheap in comparison to print adverts, TV commercials etc. This is also one of the reasons that companies prefer to use SMS more nowadays.

  1. Effortless

The benefits of using the service of bulk SMS provider is that it is easy to use. You can manage multiple campaigns from your dashboards. And all messages can be sent to the prospective clients within a single click.

  1. Huge Reach

Even in villages now people are having the mobile connection and SMS is simplest of the feature. People don’t even require an internet connection to access SMS

You can also make use of some of the marketing tips which people are following nowadays to further enhance their business:

  1. Call-to-action

Clear call to action is the most important thing to be added in the SMS which is to be sent.  It should be acted upon on priority as you want your recipient to do something, from the information you have provided.

  1. Track your campaigns and optimize

You should be aware of how all your SMS marketing campaigns are performing. And how you can improve the conversion rate next time. Response or return on investment should be also measured. This may include sending different offers at a different time, different day to continuously see,  what has been working best for yours. Leading Bulk SMS Gateway Provider offers all kind of metrics to optimize your return in a better way.

  1. Keep in mind the time when you are customers are free to respond

All the SMS campaign should be sent at right time,  pre-decided as per the convenience of the user. You should leave enough time for your customer during the day to think and respond to your message. You can also use scheduler provided by your company to draft your message and schedule them for delivery at any time you choose.

  1. Keep it short and simple. Concise to the point

To make sure that your message gets delivered and customer responds to it in a time-bound way, you need to choose your words very carefully, within the limits of 160 characters. The recipient should be aware of the benefit he will be getting after choosing your product or service. This should be cleared right away.


  1. The frequency of the message you are sending is also equally important

How should you plan your SMS campaign? There are basically 3 options that are daily, weekly or monthly.  If you try too much or if you are spending too many messages in a short period of time, it could distract your customer, he also might get annoyed and at any point, he could unsubscribe from the service, which could act a deterrent for the company. On the other hand, if your frequency of message is very less, you are not sending regular messages related to any offer or any other promotional event. The customer may lose his complete interest and he may be moved on to other service or product of similar kind.

There’s no fixed amount of messages you should be sent per week or month – the frequency needs to be fine-tuned based on your audience and the purpose of your messages.

There is definitely a solution to it. That you should fine tune your campaign and frequency based on your target audience, which could be monthly or week wise. There is no fixed amount as such. It all depends on your ability to judge the target audience and what is more relevant to them.

  1. Setting up an expiry date or Limited time validity depending upon the product you are selling.

This little could help you go a long way. Set an expiry date on discount vouchers or coupon, may bring in more customers to your shop and hence increasing your conversion rate. Similarly, you can also be used Limited time validity for products you are selling. Definitely, seeing all these offers in the message box of the customer, people will flock to your store more often. Leading Bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon offers you a way to create voucher messages, send them and also track the history of the campaign for better optimization of your campaign next time.

Using bulk SMS platform for your business is not the only thing you should take care of.  You should come to a decision to chose a fast and reliable Bulk SMS Gateway Provider which is going to offer you many features and fastest delivery service.

Easy Sandesh, is one of the leading bulk SMS provider in Gurgaon is offering all these services at an affordable rate.

Bulk SMS gateway

Short Message Service (SMS) gateway is an underlying mechanism or process by which SMS messages are sent and received by people around the world. For organizations or companies of any kind, Bulk SMS gateways streamline the text messaging process and also do some conversion to different formats.  Easy Sandesh, leading Bulk SMS gateway provider offers the most comprehensive bulk SMS services based on client’s requirement.

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How bulk SMS can Improve Your Business
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How bulk SMS can Improve Your Business
Bulk SMS is being used as one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. It is a low-cost solution for all your business needs whether you are a small business or big business.
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Easy Sandesh
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